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Mansfield + Associates

Simply put, M+A offers strategic marketing and web site development services. Dig a little deeper and you'll see that we are something of a hybrid that can offer you some very significant benefits. M+A is not the typical design or advertising group (our technical capabilities and understanding of technology marketplaces go way beyond what you'd expect from a 'creative' agency). Learn More About What We Can Do For You...

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Is Your Site Worthy?

The stakes are high. Your web site represents every facet of your business and provides the first exposure for the majority of your primary target audiences. What comprises a really great site? Here's the bare minimum...

Of course, it's particularly difficult to analyze your own site. That's why you should let us do it, free of charge. Learn More About Our FREE Site

  • Navigation should be a breeze
  • Corporate messaging should be concise and clear
  • Graphics and multimedia elements should be compelling and never, ever gratuitous
  • Every word of content should be audience focused
  • The next step should be clearly articulated and provide mutual value to your target audiences and your company

How Strategic is Your Strategic Marketing?

Think your company can survive without a solid Internet strategy? Then perhaps you should be reading this instead. Strategy rules in the today's markets, and if your Web strategy's off, you'd better start looking for another job.

Sound like hyperbole? Not at all. The Internet has changed the face of business, and if you're not communicating to your customers effectively through your Web site, someone else will. The Web is the catalyst for a new set of business rules and if you're not prepared to address the information demands of your target audiences, you'll learn those rules the hard way. How Strategic is Your Strategic Marketing?