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Think your company can survive without a solid Internet strategy? Then perhaps you should be reading this instead. Strategy rules in the today's markets, and if your Web strategy's off, you'd better start looking for another job.

Sound like hyperbole? Not at all. The Internet has changed the face of business, and if you're not communicating to your customers effectively through your Web site, someone else will. The Web is the catalyst for a new set of business rules and if you're not prepared to address the information demands of your target audiences, you'll learn those rules the hard way.

Mansfield + Associates is helping to define these New Rules Of Business for companies that want to own the relationship with their customers instead of just pushing product. You've got to be nimble, flexible and responsive to survive in this rapidly changing landscape. You can be, and we can help. We have the strategic focus, business acumen, technological capabilities and marketing experience to help your company thrive in these challenging times. Just take a look at What We Do, or contact us to find out more.


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