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Ready, Aim, Fire Off Those Targeted Emails

No one doubts that email is a great way to enhance day-day-business relationships. We've got some unique ways to help you shorthen your sales cycle and communicate multi-faceted messages and resources to receptive audiences.

Take our eNVOLV technology. It's a combination of personalized email and extranets that's proven so successful that we've spun it off into its own company. It's the ideal way to get really close to prospects, customers, editors/analysts or partners.

Let's say you have a trade show like OFC or DAC approaching. Using eNVOLV's ASP-based solution, you fire off an email invitation to your prospects that includes a personalized URL. This directs them to a unique page that contains as many or as few personalized elements as you think suitable.

It's all driven by a sophisticated SQL database and templates that make it extremely easy for even the most tech-shy marketing person to build dynamic web pages. You get to track all activity so you can tell in real time when a prospect clicks through and shows interest in your company.

It's also a great way to follow up after a show. And, it makes the process of ongoing email newsletter campaigns and product announcements more effective and accountable than ever before. That's why companies like AT&T Broadband, Epson and packeteer have already adopted eNVOLV as a cornerstone of their outbound communications.

Alternatively, or in addition, we can help you create compelling, clickable HTML email pushes that drive site traffic and present your messages in a widely accepted format.

Just tell us your campaign goals and your target audiences and we'll respond with a whole lot of ideas, a timeline and almost inevitably a proposal.



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