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If you're looking to play the percentage game on a direct campaign we have some very good news. It comes in the shape of some extremely impressive response rates generated by both online and print campaigns that we have developed for technology clients.

Using the proprietary marketing software developed by eNVOLV, our spinoff and sister company, we have routinely produced clickthrough rates in excess of 25%.

Our print campaigns haven't been far short of these numbers either. Take the program that we put together for Rockwell Network System's FDDI cards. It achieved a response rate of 14% to a 'cold' list of HP/Interex users. And we achieved similar results with a simple but highly targeted push to prospects for the frame relay products offered by Sync Research.

Beyond the numbers, we zero in on the target with carefully crafted messages and thoughtfully structured delivery mechanisms.

With M+A, personalized emails are made easy. In fact, click here to learn how easy and affordable personalized extranets can be.



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