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How to Show and Grow at Industry Events

Trade shows are far from cheap. Throw in over-priced hotel rooms and a five course meal or two at your VP of Biz Dev's favorite steak house and all of a sudden you're looking at some serious bucks. We're here to help with virtually all facets of your trade show planning, implementation and follow up. We'll be the first to admit however that we can't do too much about prime-rib and Blackout Cake induced heart burn!

How do we turn your show into a success? We get inside the minds of the attendees that you most want to attract and give them every reason to find you and like what you have to show them. That extends to the critical post-show phase when we can help with turbo charge the relationship-building process.

Here's some specifics. We can help you with the following trade show services:

  • Booth Design: We've created some stunning booths that have been recognized as Best of Show at SUPERCOMM and N+I.
  • Booth Assembly and Support: Our partners have been hand picked to provide highly cost-effective resources throughout the life of your booth
  • Outbound campaigns using Email and direct mail (pre-show and follow-up) to drive qualified traffic to booth and initiate relationship-building with best prospects
  • Brochures/data sheets/promotional items for handouts and trade show press kits


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