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Commerce Conductor™
It is clear that online commerce solutions depend on a variety of interlocking factors and processes to be successful. M+A offers Commerce Conductor™ - a complete, integrated solution for companies that wish to sell their products online.

Commerce Conductor™ includes a suite of techniques and technologies that are built to leverage your existing product and market momentum. Rather than function in isolation from the rest of your operations, we will help you construct a robust, pragmatic commerce solution that interfaces seamlessly with your existing databases, people and relationships.

Starting with Strategy
As with all of our Internet-based services, each M+A commerce program starts and ends with your target audiences. Armed with a deep understanding of the profiles and likes/dislikes of your customers and prospects we create dynamic sales environments that drive the sale of your products and build sustainable relationships.

To initiate a commerce program we typically conduct a strategic retreat with our clients’ senior management and department heads. This half-day retreat is supported with one-on-one interviews with each retreat participant and additional individuals both inside and outside of your company to build a deep level of understanding of each primary target audience (and competitor) and the key issues driving and affecting your commerce solution.

Commerce Conductor Features
Commerce Conductor’s suite of commerce components provides all the functionality and utility necessary for a highly secure and maintainable transaction-driven site.

  • Product Management
    Products can contain multiple configurations that define all of the pricing options available for a given product. Shipping cost information can be provided at the product level enabling a flexible system in which shipping costs are dependent on which products are ordered.
  • Department Management
    Departments are critical to organizing any commerce solution. Commerce Conductor provides tools to administer an unlimited number of departments and sub-departments, all of which can contain any number of products and SKUs.
  • Promotion Management
    Commerce Conductor includes a promotion management system built around a condition/action based application component. Promotions are supported by commands, which can have multiple condition/actions associated with it. As these commands are grouped together, complex promotions can be created quickly, eliminating the need to continually write promotion specific code. This system allows an administrator to create, save and modify a promotion with almost limitless conditions.
  • Shopping Carts
    Commerce Conductor’s component package provides a full-featured shopping cart where products may be earmarked, quantities updated and shipping specified, sub-totals and totals generated dynamically.
  • Credit Authorization
    The credit authorization component utilizes best-in-breed, 3rd-party providers and CyberCash to authorize each transaction. The commerce package integrates with both of these ASPs seamlessly, working behind-the-scenes to provide secure and encrypted transactions.
  • Shipping Tools
    Commerce Conductor provides exceptional shipping flexibility. Each product can be given specific shipping characteristics based on quantity and type and assigned to various fulfillment companies.
  • Order Tracking
    Orders are tracked dynamically as each status changes. Any information about the authorization of the order or the shipping of the order is saved and can be easily retrieved at any time.
  • Fulfillment Tools
    Commerce Conductor’s fulfillment tools allow you to define secure logins for your fulfillment companies. These logins allow each fulfillment company to view each order (or parts of each order) that they must fulfill. Fulfillment companies can then update the status of the each order on-line, print an invoice and packing slip and view account history.


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