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Your Tradeshow Booth: David or Goliath?
Is your tradeshow booth the size of a small city complete with espresso bar and air conditioned conference room? Or, maybe you just have a table top exhibit in a broom closet. Whatever category yours falls into, one thing is clear: you only have a few seconds to capture the attention of the typical tradeshow attendee, so you had better make sure your booth design is working hard for you.

Booth Design Requires Strategy Too
We do not build tradeshow booths (although we've been known to roll up our sleeves and help install a few.) What we do is bring over 10 years of design and strategic marketing experience into the process of each tradeshow booth design. The result is an integrated booth design that will work just as hard as your other communications materials to attract the attention of your key audiences and deliver the right messages to them.

We Won Best of Show!
This information about our tradeshow exhibit design services would be incomplete if we didn't gratuitously brag about some recent accolades. That's right, our exhibit display (created for Malibu Networks) won the SuperComm 2001 Best of Show award for tradeshow booth design. Please check out pictures of the award winning booth below (top right thumbnail).

If you have an existing tradeshow exhibit that needs a face-lift, or if you are in the process of creating a new booth, or if you just want to bounce around some ideas for your exhibit design, contact us to get started, and in the meantime, here are just a few samples of our exhibit design work:

More samples of our work can be found on the case studies page.


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